I was doing some tidying up and came across this print out ( before I started my blog I think) as I hadn’t published it yet , I contacted Sally to ask her permission So here it is in glorious technicolour my first Zycling hero

Hi Tony although it’s a couple of weeks back, now, just like to tell you how my first bike trip alone went.
It was great! 🙂 I rode up North to the Baltic Sea coast to spend a week at the beach. 
I was also s**t scared… before
I knew this was the big one for me. It was. It started the evening before and I was soon in crisis mode. Why I am doing this? Why alone? What am I trying to prove?
The next morning I almost stayed in bed. But no, I went into auto mode and finished the last bits of packing, got on my bike, didn’t forget anything, left and went to catch the train. 
It was a great summer’s day, everyone was on the train going up to the coast… I changed trains, didn’t miss the train, got out at the right place (all the things that had made me nervous…), then took a whole number of wrong turns leaving the town… At 11:30 I was by a lake in a wood with THE bike path before me.
Right then and there, I was no longer scared.
I was completely happy 🙂
At the end of the first day (ca. 70 km) I sat again by a lake, drank a beer and ate fish and chips and was so glad I hadn’t stayed in bed!
I got to the coast with no major or minor mishaps, the weather was perfect, the beach at the end of it amazing. Already planning my next trip.
Hope you are well and thanks for your motivation 🙂

Somewhere in Schleswig-Holstein heading north
Sehlendorfer Strand

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