Out.  And   About    A monthly romp in an entertaining way pt.1

As my ageing wings have been clipped I’m not going to terrorise the long suffering world quite so much . So with the falling pound and not wanting to pick it up and add to the pollution problems I might sacrifice most of my flying , that’s the Wright Brothers type and stick to busses and trains and move around this sceptered isle in a quiet rotational mindful daze.

So now I’ve got that off my chest what’s new, how about this latest electric bike from Reise & Muller it’s only £8000 . With NuVinic hub gear, Bosch motor 45kph ,Carbon Fibre Belt Drive, Twin battery , front and rear suspension.

We have a bike shop in Midhurst that specialise in electric bike and hire. So I can quietly drool as I pass the shop on the way to my exercise class.

All Ride Now : electric mountain bike hire, guided group rides , helmets supplied

Tel 01730 817563 / info@allridenow.co.uk

Which gets me to the feature of the month ; a piece by Richard Dimpleby , the doyen of early broadcasters and the father of another two well known mike jockeys . I link it to my perception because for some, wwtwo was behind their decision to vote leave . It’s easy for me to dismiss their resentment towards Europe and Germany , with all my travelling and staying with families through Servas which was set up specifically to heal the wounds of that war.


Incidentally he threatened to resign as the BBC refused to transmit the program

In my exercise class most of us are over 70 so we’re bonding nicely and move gently around to the sounds of the Beach Boys.

My last post provoked a reply from my ex , with an invite to her house warming party . She lives in Suffolk so I’m planning a trip for the end of the month.

Another of my spiritually driven weekly activities is with a study group which includes the Midhurst assistant vicar . At the moment we’re working through a book by Thomas Keating ,Open Mind, Open Heart. We take turns reading a 

page , and then discuss , I love it. The lady who runs it is very knowledgeable but a bit fierce as she takes it so seriously.

The assistant vicar runs the food bank and I’d like to join so I can take some of the monasteries overflow. I would also like to give tips to the customers on how to prepare healthy meals cheaply.

Hearing about the repressive measures that Putin’s Russia is applying to protest movements reminds me of how I was put off making a Zycling trip there. I had visited the embassy to obtain the visa and I was confronted by an enormous security guard, who shooed me away for arriving too late .

So naturally I thought “ I won’t go there “ probably a mistake as the people would have been charming as only Russians can be.

Waiting at the bus stop I started chatting to a young man who had just graduated from our very new college. I asked him who his maths teacher was ,and when he answered my son and that he was the best teacher it felt as if I was on a Zycling trip where everything has significance .

The reason for the bus ride , with Brompton, is I’m going to visit Angie’s (the lady I got chatting to on the bus from Chi.) husband to hand over the swag , books , dvds and cd about the war .

The song of the month 

Kinks : some mother’s son from Arthur and the Rise and fall of the British Empire.


Warning be prepared to get weepy , as it’s one of the greatest anti war songs.

I found a thing for my Arthur in a charity shop; an electric record player suitable for 45s so I’ll collect some music and poetry, for when he’s old enough he can play them himself.

Playing around with it I put on an Allan Watts disc Why Not Now, about 60 years old . A Zen Teacher and a major figure in San Francisco in the 60s . When I met him he Impressed me though apparently he suffered as an alcoholic and the fear of getting old.

Just returned from the Saturday evening puja at the monastery. A senior monk gives a talk and he made a very reassuring comment , that the Buddha loved puns and word play . Im pretty sure his puns were worse than my ones , as I think the trick is to make the listener swoon In bafflement. A bit like the characters in the Beano and Dandy comics. The theme of the talk was harmony I’m tempted to say I’ve given up the harmonica how awful is that.

Coming home I just dodged a heavy rain shower the country is being rocked by the weather.

Day at the Monastery 

The storm seemed to have blown itself out, so I climbed aboard the Brompton took a packet of nice olives and cycled the 2 miles down the road to Chithurst. Dropped the olives off in the kitchen for the offering ,mostly Sri Lankan families came by with a variety of cooked food.

Grabbed a rag and some Brasso to polish the brass sign on the fancy bench that I donated. The sign reads “To Mum and Dad , and a quote from the Tempest : We are such stuff as dreams are made on 

                 And our little life is rounded in a sleep

Go into the beautiful green oak Darma Hall which is fairly full as a British family brought their baby girl along for a blessing as well as the usually mix of Thai’s Sri Lankan, Brits and other visitors.

Reentering the kitchen the large table was packed with very delicious Sri Lankan food. I helped myself to not too spicy vegetarian mixtures and retire to the conservatory 

After the meal cycle home for a sleep and return at 5pm for the monks tea question and answer session . It happened to be the guest monk ,an American who a few months ago allowed a casual visitor to stay in the library.

The monk gave a wonderful detail answer on acceptance to the changing nature of relationships.

Returned home as I was too tired for the guided meditation, as you can see Sunday is a very full day and I avoided the work period, cleaning out the pond . The angry sky had changed into a warm calm blue evening and except for the passing traffic the 20min ride home , with the monks wise words echoing in my head, was blissful.

Still having trouble sleeping through the night , maybe this track from the Moody Blues might help as it is nearly dawn.


Didn’t do the trick , but this show Hard Talk did , fortunately it was one of the better editions . A very thoughtful discussion on American racism


Well that’s all folks , as I rambled on I decide to break it up PLG Tony

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