Out And About  In August a monthly Romp in an entertaining way pt2


It’s Exercise day but the path to Midhurst hasn’t been touched for ages, so it’s overgrown and very muddy in parts. ( it was because of this condition that I was knocked off the road )

It’s festival month here entitled Madhust for the occasion, and at the supermarket they have established a very colourful upright piano. Whilst practicing chopsticks a 10/11 year old girl came by with granny though she was learning , and quite talented apparently, she shyly refused to tinker .

As I was early for the class I popped into the library to read the local paper.

Apparently the authorities want to close Stedham’s primary school. This is equivalent to tearing the heart out of a community, what’s going on in our country.? Last night I watched the film Arcadia an exploration using a hundred years of documentary material , of our complex relationship with the land, magic and the madness of ourselves . A film that the bureaucracy could well study. Another Brexit moment?

Buddhist group day , but before that a visit to the multiplex in Chichester to watch the latest from Tarantino a Hollywood extravaganza, which took me back to my tinsel town life, as it’s about 1969 the same time I lived there.https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ELeMaP8EPAA

The difference this big multiplex is compared to the genteel surrounds of the arty Park Cinema is huge its strikingly noisy music , no programmes, or the helpful program notes that are handed out by the volunteers.

And the film itself, Hollywood , Once upon a time , starts off with the Hollywood culture of the 60s that I was so familiar with and works towards a variation of the Manson Murders . I find the violence of his films gratuitous, though with the frequent mass murders that seems to be occurring in the States perhaps more accurate than I care to admit.

After the show I make my way to the home of our Buddhist group meeting, 

A rather attractive American lady who was a member before I joined , turned up. I tried to converse with her , but she didn’t really face me or make eye contact which was a bit disappointing.

The evening ended up with me clashing with one of the attendees. Which left me homeless for a few minutes. Fortunately a friend who I had rescued after his marriage collapsed by letting a room in my house , offered me a bed for the night.

I suspect that this incident which has been building up for months will lead to me giving up going.

Now I have a dilemma, should I repeat what I’d written in an earlier post or assume most haven’t explored that much , and anyhow the context is perfect right now .


My Life in Hollywood 

Having abandoned my Cheffing career to join the Jet set , I’d eventually tired from flying around the world and it felt right to live my dream and go to The USA

Getting the green card was easy then and before you could say Howdy Partner I was on a Greyhound moving down Route 66 to Southern California.

I got off at Santa Monica , checked in to a down town hotel and went through the classifieds. Saw a job at a place on the beach , so I hired a VW and drove to this motel like building with a parrot instead of the receptionist.

Eventually a grouchy old lady appeared and told me to go back to where I’d come from. But I was made of stronger stuff , so I looked up a relative who had emigrated earlier and she took me in.

 We lived at the Biltmore apartment next to Grumman’s Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.

I moved into a studio apartment around the pool and wondered what to do next.

Another relative worked as a banquet waiter and he got me a union card so I’d go to the Union Hall daily and bid for jobs mainly working in hotels but also in the Studios and country clubs .

Working at the Bel Air Country Club , which was Christian membership only , Jews had to slum it at their own Beverly Hills Country Club. I waited on Hoagy Carmichael who was playing at the piano and Dean Martin popped his head in and called out in his drunken voice ,” howdy Hoagy” I looked around for the cameras but no this was real life.


I’m conscious that this is only a blog not my autobiography but I’m enjoying it so much , I’ll leave it for now. To be continued.

It seems that Climate Change is becoming the World Wide agenda . It’s about time . Can you remember EF Schomacher and his book Small is Beautiful, which pointed to a catastrophe if we didn’t recognise the finite capacity of the world.


Do pass on this awesome video . Incidentally the Resurgence Magazine came out of that book , and of course, they picked up my Zycling 8 precepts and published it online. And that in turn was picked up by the Guardian that published them under the title A to Z of cycling.

So do you think the world is going to sit up and really take notice , or are the activists going to be seen as potential terrorist, like the animal rights people were. Let’s hope that this movement is committed to non violent action.


Just received this blog from Sam Harris. His stuff is often a little too intellectual for me . But this edition is not ,though it’s about the current American college scene (in many ways I’m still quite American , I did become a citizen after all )which isn’t probably much different from ours.

Someone has given me 12 rules for life by Jordan B Peterson, does anyone recommend it or warn me off.

So with that challenge I shall bring this episode of my life in August to a close.

        PLG Tony

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