Out and About In August  A monthly romp in an entertaining way pt 5



It’s Sunday ,a big day at monastery as I’ll be meeting up with my Thursday meditation group to whom I had the misunderstanding, according to e mails I’d exchanged with the person all was to be put aside as today we were meeting up, for a tree planting ceremony for recently departed Steve a long time member of the group , ex monk , ex partner who was overwhelmed by cancer.

I struggled to keep up with the group as we made our way to the tree planting site. A Japanese novice nun helped me along the damp slippery path . But I could feel the tension from the group, as I was ignored , it felt like I had been sent to Coventry , thank god that war had been long over. At the ceremony the same happened , I can see my decision to retire from the group had been correct , and now I will allow the healing of time to take over.

I had collected some left.-over food from the meal and took it home as i was hosting a couple from Warm Showers who would be arriving at 7pm

Returned for the 5pm monks talk , and was told to expect a couple of monks on Friday who were coming to Stedham for their meal offering . There are about four other supporters living in the village.

Then back home to welcome Alison and John who had given up their jobs to cycle to India for the next year or so . After the meal I took them on the essential tour of the village in the failing light , and our exciting sharing of previous adventures . And so to bed after a pretty full,day .


My life in Hollywood 

In my new proper job I met all sorts of people , so in this episode I shall attempt to recall As many as I can remember and how I experienced them .

Starting with the religious gurus , I saw a small dark Indian chap surrounded by young white coated male acolytes. Managing to dodge his handlers I asked him who he was , he answered “ I am just a simple man “ though it may have been true , it didn’t sound very convincing . There was one well known spiritual teacher , can’t remember his name, My job that day was to meet incoming flights , I knew in advance that he was going to be on board , and when he came down the jetway I started a conversation, which he was very happy with, but his handlers were getting very impatient, as I guess they were thinking , what’s our enlightened saviour wasting his time with a lowly PSR. Not that he felt that way surely a sign of a liberated person.

An other time a traveller bought a ticket and signed the cheque Richard Alpert, and Ram Das was extremely friendly, remember I’m an airline employee who is .showing personal interest in you , doesn’t happen often.


  • As far as A list celebrities I met a few at LAX . I was working on Las Vegas flights on a friday night so all the flights were full. Up comes this small chubby guy and says “ gimme a ticket to Vegas “ I explain allflights are full , but maybe I could get him there via SFO , so I call reservations and yes there was space on a flight leaving soon . So I ask him his name, “ Liberace “ came the reply that I passed to the res. Agent on the phone. Wow she replied you have him there,,it was then I twigged, I apologised to him for not recognising, and he smiled naturally and reassured me with that’s ok. Remember these people are used to be treated like Royalty.
  • Another time Bob Hope wanted to board a Vegas flight that came from Long Beach , seeing an occupied bulkhead seat he declared “:gimme that one and move the guy out”. Fortunately the manager was watching and took care of the situation.

Boarding an arriving flight from Palm Springs to check available space there was the king at the time , Elvis Presley sitting , smiling surrounded by stewardess’s.

But finally the most moving experience I had was when I met flight 701 from Seattle. This usually transported Vietnam veterans who had lost limbs, often teenagers to their families in Southern California. They came hobbling down the jetway to see their loved ones for the first time , as they weren’t allowed to meet before being released. I’m welling up just recalling this time.


So here’s the much hyped music festival Woodstock which my brother Attended on acid I believe. Now it has become a bit of a myth , something that Americans tend to creat.

Some of us PSR were hippies at heart and often found ways to make life easier for the flower children who tried to board in bare feet. I held a handful of flight slippers and gave them to these idealistic young people. Others gave them some cash to get home……..to be continued 


Cycled into Midhurst with John and Lucy of Warm Showers took some photos, and made my way to the survivors exercise class , just before I met the chief weight puller and stretcher who told me about a beginners yoga class which was included in my membership starting in half an hour after mine finished.

So I popped into the bank and as I passed the chippy grabbed a small bag as I was starving. Arriving back at the yoga room I was pounced on for eating , not allowed especially before yoga, you could vomit all over etc etc etc. I saw red , and really let loose complaining of being treated like a child . I kind of surprised myself , but it’s all part of the head injury I sustained when I was attacked by the car . That’s my theory, and I felt attacked again by these two officious personal trainers.

Well we all settled down and I had a great yoga session .

That evening I was invited to the guy who looks after Chithurst forest to watch a. Video of the West Indian spiritual teacher Modie. In his fabulous Yurt.

Very good teachings in the Advaita Vedanta tradition.

So after all that I was quite pleased to take a sleeping pill and retire to bed .

        PLG Tony 

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