Out and about in August a monthly romp in an entertaining way part 6



I’m having a visit from a cycling friend , he’s spending a couple of days the first person to sleep in my old room . One of the things I’ve lined up is the 70 

movie Blue Collar https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Um3l6NQj7Z8

Very impressed when I first saw it , the opposite of the good feel factor film.

We’re cycling into Chichester along the old railway line , and as my arty cinema is holding a festival , and at 615 is a mystery film .


My life in Hollywood 

This episode is about my experience with the personal growth movement This time it’s not really about getting richer, at least in money terms , but learning more about yourself .

Just up the road from Venice about 300miles built high above the Pacific Ocean lies The Esalan institution, started by Fritz Pearls of the Gestalt therapy.

I had booked a course on sensitivity training it wasn’t long before I was introduced to the hot tub where I was seduced by a San Franciscan lady.

Not really my style as I’m a bit of a romantic. The only other time this happened was in Italy on a Club Mediterranean holiday this was the early days when most of the holiday makers were Jewish . The founder Gerard Blitz set it up as a safe space for them. It was a wonderful idea to live without caring the money that you handed in for beads.

Around this time the leading hipsters at the time brought a new dimension to popular music of truth and poetry hears one of the best:


Back on the Pacific coast we did exercises on Trust and one funny incident was when we stuffed our ears with some sound deadening material . A couple of German recent emigrants couldn’t remove theirs , and commented how typically German this was , always thorough. I was always struck how the course facilitator ended up with the best looking girl


Though perhaps he was playing a dangerous game , was this the best song of

the seventies ?

To finish this tawdry tale of exploitative lust , we were sitting on the terrace having lunch , and a helper was complaining to a friend that the kitchen chef had shouted at her and that somehow she hadn’t expected this type of behaviour in this bit of heaven on earth. To be continued 


All About the Monastery 

I’m sitting in our beautiful Dharma Hall , because at 1030am three Lay men who have been resident at the monastery for three months are taking their first steps to becoming a monk .

So they have quit their jobs , given notice to girl friends , shaved heads and accepted life honouring the eight precepts……………..

They will be in a white uniform for a minimum of one year. As well as studying the Sutras etc . There’s quite a lot of domestic work duties, eg the kitchen.

If they feel confident to go forward after one year in white , the they can take another short ceremony to become a Samenera. . Then they will wear a similar robes as a full fledged monk . Then after ……….as a Samenera. They take the full 222 rules to become a monk.

The hall is filling up , it’s a beautiful day weather wise .

The full sanga consists of fourteen monastics including three nuns ( who live in a separate cottage about ten minutes walk ) there is also a zen monk who wears black robes and he’s considered very much part of the sanga .

The service is about to begin , the Abbot welcomes all the visitors to this special occasion, as it’s unusual for three men to be ordained at one time.

We all bow three times and chant a very familiar refrain.

The Abbot addresses the three men and invites them to come forward to begin their ordination.

They bow three times one offers a tray of flowers , and they chant an acceptance, the Abbot chants a reply. Interestingly everything is repeated three times. Basically what they are doing is officially taking the 8 precepts.

Which are: 1 I undertake the precept to refrain from destroying living creatures 

                   2.                                     From taking that which is not given

                   3.                                                           From sexual misconduct 

                   4.                                                           From incorrect speech 

                   5. From intoxicating drinks and drugs which lead to carelessness 

                   6 not eating after noon

                   7 no entertainment 

                   8 not sit /lie on high places.


I don’t know why but I’m getting quite tearful.

The Abbot then explains to the visitors what the commitment consists of .

So they have now officially joined the community,, but they are still Lay persons .

We all chant a very familiar one in English followed by a short one in Pali

The three chaps then bow to the sanga ………. and that’s that 

And finally when I was backpacking in SE Asia I saw the work of MAG this is the charity that Princess Dia sponsored , but that shouldn’t put you off supporting .


I’ve built up quite an appetite and I bet it’s going to be quite a feast PLG Tony

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