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American History , what you don’t hear about.

Those who follow Zycling will know about my experience in living in the US and how I liked to discover the real hero’s of the past ; the men and women of the left who tried and often succeeded in bringing justice and freedom to this dynamic country . But I’m afraid some historians particularly David Reynolds who currently holds an influential say in the BBC radio and TV seems to deliberately leave out some of these important characters namely Thomas Paine and Henry Wallace . In his recent show on the life of FDR there was no mention of Henry Wallace who was his Vice President , I’m afraid the program has expired on iPlayer . And his radio series on America several years ago left out Thomas Paine . I happened to get in touch with him over that , and he did reply blaming the BBC in not giving him enough time !

 Now I’m not trying to dismiss this historian but to wonder what’s happening in the culture of our two countries.

Film maker Oliver Stone has attempted to do that in his series on The Untold Story of The United States , an excellent series on utube. I’ve given you the links to these programs and the histories of both men to make it easier to follow my argument . If there are historians out there or others like me who take history and how it effects our modern society seriously I’d love to hear their comments.

David Reynolds


Thomas Paine 


Henry Wallace 


Oliver Stone Untold History 


David Reynolds history of America 


I do hope you get into these programs as in many ways our ignorance is what produces things like Donald Trump and the road to Brexit. PLG Tony 

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