An  important Afterthought to the Great London Bus Adventure 


Winding our way through these what was once ancient Villages connected by fields and grazing animals , the main traffic routes are posted 20 MPH speed limit , and our electric bus kept to that . But could I say the same for most of the other road users. Except for the cycles and the very rare horse people , police and brewers drey . A Great Big NO. I would guess most of my readers are motorist of some sort and all over the world . Perhaps you would like to make a comments section on my Facebook page or even on Zycling itself. Please be honest about your attitude to speed restrictions, whether cycles should be banned from narrow roads , and admit to your own observance of traffic laws / Highway Code suggestions eg give 1&1/2 meters space to cyclist when passing , which is a law in many European countries, should this be enforced  or abandoned . Please take this seriously as you know I was nearly given up for dead not so long ago. Think about it ; are we becoming a lawless society?

              PLG Tony

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