Dear Anthony – 

This past year, we have welcomed close to 30,000 new users to our site, growing the Warmshowers community to over 142,000. We have also doubled our social media outreach and each online community, and produced our first Annual Report for YOU to be in the loop with Warmshowers’ growth and planning. It is an exciting time!

Thank YOU for being a vital part of our community, which does not work without touring cyclists and hosts.

Thank you for a great year so far!  We continue to make improvements to our website to bring you the best technology possible to those on tour and our generous hosts. 2019 has been a record year of significant change in how we manage our data and security, increasing mobilization of the website, and creating better systems for viewing hosts who have been inactive in the last twelve months.

We still have much to do to improve accessibility, such as; translate our content, build out increased help desk automation, and formalize app access and mobile versions. We will also continue to address any technical issues that arise when managing communications and a database of more than 140,000 global users.

We do all of this with only the donations we receive from you, which is why we ask you often throughout the year to support us as much as you can. Out of our entire database of users, less than 10% have donated to support the services we provide (thank you to those that have!)

With the spirit of the holidays arriving in many countries, we are kicking off our most significant fundraising right now and ask you to join us in making a donation today, whether is $5 or $500, every single dollar has huge impact in the work we do.

If you are located in the USA, Giving Tuesday is on December 3rd, and we would love to be the recipient of your community support on this day following the USA tradition of giving following the Thanksgiving holiday.

For everyone else around the globe – please consider supporting Warmshowers between now and December 3rd.

If all of our users, both hosts (who we know already give a ton to support touring cyclists), and those who have or will tour, make a small donation, we will reach our goals and continue to improve our technology in 2020.

We all enjoy this rich community of generosity and inspiration. Join in supporting the ongoing growth of Foundation.

Thank you! Foundation Board of Directors and Staff

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