well his podcast is still freely available and the subject is appropriate to Zycling . Many years ago before I had children , my wife and I spent a weekend at Douglas Harding’s No Head retreat . Though he was an impressive man I felt misjudged. What happened was I’d offered to give another course participant a lift back to London , at the time I ran a VW type 1 split screen Samba Van, which is now a very prized classic . Don’t know why I included that tit bit as I’ve become almost anti car. Anyhow I got the sense that he didn’t trust me taking the young women safely home. As I nearly always stopped for hitch hikers and often took them to their door step , I felt slighted. it’s interesting how something as trivial as that can colour ones impression of what many consider an pretty enlightened being. Anyhow do enjoy the podcast as I have great respect for Mr Harris.PLG Tony 

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