A kind of desert island discs , my life in music        

My earliest record which we used to play in the common room of my little school in Dorset Al Jolson , California here I come


The first instrument I bought , trumpet was inspired by this song , Cheryl pink and apple blossom white . And I sort of played it , but I didn’t have the lips to persevere.


Memories of you Benny Goodman, who inspired me to take up the clarinet, but a little more motivation was needed .


The first topical record I bought after watching the film of the same name . Bill Haley , Rock around the Clock 


I served in Cyprus during my National Service and this song Paul Anchor Diana was played in the camps public address system 


In my BOAC days in Beirut in a bar across from the hotel the crew danced into the night to The Dave Clark Five .


When I moved to California invited to a friends house surrounded by black light posters and candles floating in walnut shells , and some good weed 

I was introduced to Procal Harum Salty Dog 


I got into listening to records as they were very good value and apart from the progressive rock I discovered Moon Dog 


On a trip across the States I was invited to stay with a beautiful family in the Mid West and I shared the Beatles with their young boy in his room 


Moving back to Blighty I went to an All about Eve concert with my girl friend , later wife , Flowers in their Hair , a wonderful look back to my hippy days 


I’m afraid from then on I tended to listen to classical . So there you are my life in music PLG Tony

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