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Meals on Wheels

I’ve just come in from preparing what may be one of my greatest dish , aubergine and vegetable bake
Sweat onions garlic add diced carrots celery peppers , that long green thing ,herbs and veg bullion , make a cheese sauce mix with a tomato sauce ( I had these in the fridge slice and fry aubergine slice motsarella cheese and just put it all together and top with breadcrumbs mixed with grated Parmesan and bake . As I started working on this I switched on the radio and on came memories of you Benny Goodman , I bought a clarinet after listening, on R3 night waves , the best program on the wireless

Out and About

Politeness and Class

As the virus emergency was lifting I’ve been shopping using the newly acquired semi recumbent Trike referred to as ER or easy rider. Because I can’t safely ride the other bikes as I can’t hold my head up due to the neck muscles reacting to the body trauma it received when I was nearly killed by a car .

So on the way to Midhurst I was yelled at ‘ get off the road ‘ by a chap with a working class voice . Later waiting in the queue outside Tesco I rested on the bench . A women swept by and I said I’m next and she answered , once again in a working class voice , ‘ you were sitting down so you’ve lost your place .

Well to say I replied assertively would be putting it mildly , I guess she was somewhat surprised by my anger and further berated me , she had children .

A few days later I rode the trike to Petersfield a market town about 15 miles using quiet back roads . The route is stunning as it follows at the foot of the South Downs . Coming into town a car came out of a side street without stopping and I shouted at the women to be more careful . The trike has a flag pole and several lights flashing . She appeared shocked and apologised I replied that being sorry wasn’t really good enough if I ended up dead .( the person who nearly killed me , another women never even apologised )
As I carried on down the road , she caught me up and in a very middle class voice said ‘ you could be polite ‘ . I was so flabbergasted I repeated my annoyance of being treated in this way .
So what’s going on ?
Well in the case of the posh women I suggested to her that she was in such a privileged life that she wasn’t able to empathise with a cyclist . Or maybe she couldn’t face the fact that she had put someone Else’s life in danger.
I ought to remind you that with the original accident I suffered considerable anger trauma some time later , and maybe it’s still there. But being polite is such a middle class attitude, the belief being that we won’t hurt each other’s feelings . Which in this case became so false ………..you will be polite if I demand it . Whereas the working class are much more honest if a bit brusk .
So I asked my best friend we’ve been in touch since the early seventies he’s even been on a Zycling ride with me to France .

Hi Tony, The class issue doesn’t have a simple answer.
You’ve got the working class guy who sees you as middle class because you’re not conforming to his idea of what “normal” should be i.e. being the same as him – neat tidy house, modern car etc.
And the posh/ superior middle class woman looking down her nose at you because she thinks you must be too poor to own a car and have to ride a bike instead.
But generally, I would say that people in the country are less broad-minded than those in the city and certainly not particularly ecologically aware.
The thing I like about Brighton (perhaps the only thing now) is that you can live pretty much how you like and nobody bats an eyelid.
Of course, that only applies to the central areas. Suburbs like Patcham, or Hangleton will be trying to keep up with the Joneses.


Meditation and the Social Media

Since Zycling has been off the air I’ve been spending lots of time on Facebook.
I love the feisty women who have a go at politicians and you know who , the Oaf I call him . The trouble is when I disappear into the Kurti twice a day to do my modest 20 min my mind isn’t very calm . Either I’m thinking about their comments or I’m composing my own. This is not good. So I’ve tried to stop scrolling and keep stuff on my TimeLine as uncontroversial as I can, not easy .
Living on the internet can be very exciting especially at this time of such uncertainty. But Buddhism is not about excitement, of course , there are exciting moments, meeting a great teacher , having a clear insight on something. But the practice is about equanimity and being in the world of achieving and being successful ain’t it. The best that one can do , I suppose is simply share your achievements whatever they are and get pleasure in others enjoyment of them .

Out and About

Finding new Lodgers

I recently signed up with a rental agency on line to find lodgers for the two other rooms . As I’m asking for a quite low rent I got responses very quickly .
So I now have an overweight bus driver, and a very sweet 19year old gay man who was homeless when he called. He’s got quite severe medical conditions and has a very generous allowance. He’s not working at the moment so we’ve been chatting rather a lot. So it’s a Full House and next weekend I’ll have a couple who are real friends staying over, so I may be sleeping in the kuti .

My lovely youth has introduced me to this lady

PS. Oh dear my long time lodger has turned out to be homophobic and has told me he’s looking for somewhere else to live . Interestingly when the guy called I asked the lodger to stay around to meet him , but he answered it’s ok you
decide .
Latest in this saga
The young gay young man asked if a friend could come and stay , well after a lot of toing and going they’ve finally found a place in wales to live together.and as it’s on the way to my brother I’ll pop in . Let’s hope they’re happy together .


Just returned from taking the Brompton to be electrified in Winchester . I also took along the Thorn to be measured up . So my e bike collection is nearly complete.
This is Brompton own development . By the way I’ve had several, and I’ve been around Australia and New Zealand, with full carrying capacity for touring . Marvellous machine. When I was in Perth going along the coast , I was resting on a bench wondering where to spend the night , and a chap came by , saw the Brompton and invited me to stay with his family for the night . This is how it is on a Zycling Adventure.

But this is what I bought in Winchester as the A to B magazine claimed it was superior to Brampton’s own . And David Henshaw editor of the mag knows what he’s talking about . Do look into the mag .


And here the proof of the pudding ( haven’t a clue where that expression comes from do you ?)

And here is the Brompton Brompton being put through its paces

But if your going to stick to shanks pony here’s some tips

And for those of you who aren’t interested in a folder watch this


The gay life

My young man asked if his friend could stay over from Bristol, he totally freaked out my lodger who announced he was going to look for somewhere else.
Young man returns with friend to Bristol and I get a phone call that said he was moving in with friend in a couple of weeks . So problem solved, for now .


The Sisterhood

Whilst Zycling has been upgraded I’ve been posting on Facebook, and recently covering the amazing efforts of Jucinda …… No PM I made a rather clumsy joke and later made it worse by referring to her as Mrs teeth , well all hell broke out and female names that I hadn’t seen before started posting comments which were extremely rude. Admittedly I did have in mind to make a slightly controversial comment, as It was explained to me that the FB culture was to use provocative language when cursing unpopular figures, and that would attract more comments . But I started using the increased attention to get a discussion going , and I requested that no swearing should be used. Well for the first few hours it kind of worked and the comments though hostile were at least fairly interesting and informative . But it rapidly deteriorated into unpleasant attacks on me . A couple of female friends tried to be supportive and they were pounced on and declared traitors to the sisterhood. I promised to withdraw the offending word if that what the consensus demanded.. but the furore carried on drowning my attempt to discuss , car use , climate change and other pressing issues . Lastly I contacted the PM s Office , and am awaiting a response to my letter . If your interested I’ve left everything on Facebook .

Many years ago when I ran my Vegetarian Restaurant, Three Rooms In Hove I had a couple of dungaree wearing feminists working at the cafe so I’m familiar with the culture and when my wife left I joined the developing Men’s movement .
And I have a book by the current hate figure Jordon Peterson of political correctness.
As I’ve had quite enough of this argument I’ll leave things at that .


Just finished posting what I’ve called The Conflict Weekend, and I’ve used stuff mostly from BBC World Radio which I do listen to to get off to sleep. But seriously the quality of most of their output is amazing . Because of my age I’m a bit of a WWTwo buff , though in my time in the army I rarely wore uniform and never a gun as I was an officers mess cook , but maybe we have become a less military obsessed society, don’t get the boys brigade marching up and down , at least in West Sussex .


M A G just sent me a lovely hand written card thanking me for an extra donation I made as with another lodger I felt rich . It has a photo showing a person with a mine clearance tool . Hana is in charge of of one of MAG’s female led Yazidi teams In Iraq “ my team is as important as my family “.


Goodbye Facebook

Now that my Zycling is completed , and I’m having lessons on navigating Word so I can answer some comments , and start posting again. With this in mind , and a certain disappointment with the quality of debate on the social platform I ’m going to stop posting , except to transfer posts from Zycling . There is certainly a wealth of good information on FB and a few brave individuals who spoke up in support of my attempt to not be very political correct .
The two main problems I’ve detected are taking things out of context and the inability to tolerate being taken out of ones comfort zone. Also the practice of unfriending because what your reading doesn’t fit your own opinions. This is seeing people and ideas as expendable , and extension of the consumer society, the very thing that many friends say their critical of . How one can learn and grow in this environment? And lastly what’s really most disturbing is the general practice of projecting
Here’s a few of examples, from different angles. We’re all guilty at some time or another to do this , but on FB it’s embedded in the culture, not good.

Depending on how this post is received ( it’s part of my Out and About June )
I will decide whether to transfer stuff from Zycling or wash my hands , to use the term of the moment , of FB completely . PLG tony


New lodgers

In a few days I’ll be having 2 new lodgers . One has already moved some of his stuff into his room . The small room which I’m redesigning we though it would be left just for short term visits, but I got a request from. Germany from a student whose starting a Phd and wanted a place for a year or two . Well you know the German stereotype, very exact etc . Well she comes across like that on the phone, in spades , I find it hard not to laugh and joke, not that she would get it anyhow . So we’re in for some interesting times .

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